Three Month Transition Diet Program

By: Ron Lagerquist

A three month diet program, helping you transition from unhealthy eating habits to a life-long healthy diet. 

People grow emotionally attached to food. Unfortunately, many have developed psychological attachments to foods that are killing them. We do not realize how much we depend on eating for emotional stability, pleasure and escape. When you are trying to change someone's eating habits, you must tread with love.

Some people are incapable of making radical changes quickly. They need a period of transition to grow accustomed and be comfortable.

God is a merciful, gentle Father, allowing us time for change. He knows how difficult it is for us to be thrust into an unfamiliar world. We become emotionally attached to food. It is a form of comfort. This is why some find it more difficult to change their eating habits than quitting smoking or drinking.

Therefore, we would like to provide you with a step-by-step transition diet program in moving towards a life of health and blessing. It will also assist you through the difficulty of changing your children’s diet so that it will not be such a shock. Emptying the fridge of all their familiar food and replacing it with a herd of cantaloupes is definitely not a wise move. If done right, with a little creativity, making changes in your family's diet can be painless.

Education is vital. Showing my children pictures of bowels that were encrusted with pounds of hard stringy black mucus had a definite impact on their desire to better their diet. It allowed them to make an association with what they eat and how their bodies function. We taught them that they could not trust the commercials on television.

It is our most earnest desire to help you through the transition of change to reach the goal of a healthy diet. Through this book, we will provide a variety of delicious alternatives. Transition is a time for prayer and seeking God for strength. You can be sure that He will be delighted to assist you in making wise changes in your eating habits.

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