Tobacco Addiction

By: Ron Lagerquist

“I'm dying for a smoke! I need to inhale toxic carcinogenic substances into my lungs. I need to nourish the cells of my body with tar and nicotine.”

The first experience of smoking a cigarette is equivalent to swallowing someone's dirty socks. The insanity is that even after this horrible introduction, millions of people discipline themselves into growing a solid addiction.

Tobacco contributes to 30 percent of all cancers. Cigarettes cause lung cancer which has a one out of ten survival rate. Lung cancer is the leading cause of all cancer related deaths. This type of cancer is particularly dangerous because it quickly spreads to other organs of the body before it is detected. Tobacco has been shown to cause cancer of the lips, larynx, and bladder.

A burning cigarette contains over two hundred poisonous substances that are carried by the blood to every cell in the body. Cigarettes advance aging of the skin. Nicotine binds white blood cells, increasing the chance of infections. Shellac, acetone, turpentine, acetaldehyde, and glyoxal are common cigarette additives, some of which have caused cancer in animals.

Researchers have found that a burning cigarette releases radioactive polonium. Polonium metal is vaporized by heat and sucked into the lungs, where it is deposited. Smoking one and a half packs per day exposes the lungs to 8,000 millirems per year (Science, December 1984). This is greater than any other radiation source. Scientist Dennis O' Dowd says that your exposure could be several times greater than living next door to a nuclear reactor.

If you smoke two packs a day you will shorten your life span by eight years. Smoking one to nine cigarettes per day can shorten your life span by four years. Smoking one pack a day for one year, will deposit a quart of sticky, toxin-laden tar into the delicate air sacs that make up the lungs. Years of smoking causes the lungs to lose their ability to cleanse; the smoker develops a hacker’s cough that further irritates the lungs. Emphysema has been linked to smoking. The victims of this disease die a slow agonizing death by suffocation.

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Nice on the pulonium I never thought of that! Took me years of practice to get cigarettes out of my life. Its a very powerful demon.
We Already know these things.
many already understand it is a dangerous habit but struggle desperately to guit anyway. it is a bondage and takes the lords help. Paul the apostle said" what I want to do, I do not do. what I do not wan to do, I do. This means it is not me that does it but sin that lives in me that does it." I am a smoker and I sought God on this. he led me to a testimony on YouTube (enter delivered from smoking and you can watch it to)it is about a women who smoked from age 8 for 30 yrs, was a Christian and it felt shameful. She tried many things but could never overcome the works of the devil until she sought the Lord and her told her to fast. He led her to fast of coffee because this too was an addiction but one should could control more easily. Her husband and her did it one day and had a terrible headache, but they stuck to it. The next day she was free and even the cravings were gone. She said she was also delivered of nail biting and many other bondages. the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers, rulers and principalities of wicked spirits in the heavenly realm( Satan and his dominons- demons) Jesus Christ is the only one who can set us through because he is the sacrificial Lamb of God that went to the cross, shed his precious Blood for all our sins. many do not understand why Jesus had to die to save us. In old testament when ppl were under the law, if you broke the law with one sin, you had to sacrifice and innocent animal to atone for that sin. Innocent life took the place of your sin, but an animal could never atone for ever sin nor everyones sin. only God himself was worthy enough to pay the price for all. So he himself became flesh and was led to the cross to be crucified. The shedding of his blood gives life to those who through him repent of there sins to the creator of Heaven and earth, Abba Father- Father of Abraham, Issac, And Jacob. confess Jesus as lord, repent of sin, forgive others, get baptized in water, fast and prayer and you will be free of all that leads to death. smoking is one form that Satan uses to lead us to eternal torment. I smoke and have begun a fast so I feel your pain. I feel this message to you is Holy Spirit Led. I can't stand typing but I yielding to the Holy Spirit to do the Lords work through me and so we have it God Bless
Smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking. We do not need to hear what they cause, it's more helpful to give tips on how to quit
I hate smoking, been doing if for the last 15 years and regret ever giving in to peer pressure. I need more will power and with Gods help and a fasting detox I will conquer this addiction once and for all. I am so tired of using nicotine, caffien and food for comfort.
No kidding, and all the material I can get my hands on is no more helpful, because it always says that it is imperative to remove temptation from your environment. I live with a die-hard smoker. I have no problems quitting, which I do every time he is gone for a week or so. But every time, whether it's a week or more, I have started again. There is no way to remove the temptation from most smokers' environment. OH well, I'll never quit quitting anyway.
OMG, i need more of this information. I've been smoking for years and have not been able to kick the habbit!!! I kick myself evey time I light up.
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