Water Fast Resulted In Healing and Better Health

Fasting Testimony By Todd Fingerman

“My eyes hurt before the fast and had chronic headaches, both dramatically improved. I now sleep through the night and I wake up feeling refreshed.” 

I just completed a 23 day water fast. I have been 99% raw for most of 12 years, which included fruits, veggies, raw meat, eggs, fish, and dairy. I am 37 years old. I began as a raw vegan, then two years later started to include raw animal foods. After nine years my cholesterol was borderline high and I just didn't feel good. Married with two children, I would come home from work and begin playing with my kids or reading them books and quickly become tired. I didn’t feel rested after a full night sleep. Old aches and pains were beginning to hurt again. My memory and attention to detail wasn’t what it used to be. Exercise become more like a chore instead of fun. I was ether cold all the time or the summer heat would wipe me out. 

Including everything I have done with my health over the past 15 years, completing this extended water fast by far contributed greatest to my overall health. I wasn't in the right place to fast prior to now, and I had the support of my wife, who took care of the kids when I came home from work. 

Most things were cleared up during the fast, even conditions that never healed during my raw vegan diet. The dry skin on my elbows that I had for years cleared up. A shoulder injury began healing on the fast. My eyes hurt before the fast, and I was getting chronic headaches, both have dramatically improved. I now sleep through the night and I wake up feeling refreshed. 

I did overeat when breaking the fast, and ate salty foods which resulted swelling in my legs. No more added salt for me. My raw meat diet has turned into a mostly raw vegan diet, periodically I eat some raw fish. I have learned that I don't do so well with meat or eggs, and I no longer crave dairy. It has been an amazing adventure like no other! 

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The raw meat, that probably had something to do with your cholesterol being elevated. Also, raw meat carries parasites!!!
Doris McMillan
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