Why Does a Loving God Allow Suffering?

By: Ron Lagerquist

Why did God create this world knowing that it would result in such suffering and pain? Why allow Mark of the Beast and man’s raging sinful nature that would propel humankind to the brink of self destruction? Why allow millions of innocent suffering children and godless nations who would have to be judged and destroyed resulting in countless people that would be cast into hell for eternity? Why begin a path that would inevitably lead to His only Son’s death on a lonely Roman cross? And finally His Bride ravished by a mad Dragon whose only desire is her utter destruction?

Shakespeare could not have written a more brilliant play. God surpasses His role as Painter and becomes Playwright, Director, Producer.

Before the creation of the world, the Shakespeare of Heaven wrote a play. Paradoxically He allowed its players total freedom of expression while remaining absolutely sovereign. There would be intense drama and incredible climaxes. Order and chaos. Rhythm and movement. Profound love and terrible tragedy. As the play would wind down to its grand finale, there would be utter chaos. Torturous and distorted sounds. Twisted shadows and hopeless cries of suffering. Yet somehow in the depth of this madness comes a harmonious sound. A shaft of brilliant light in which all shapes, colors and songs join in perfect harmony.

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