Why Fasting Retreats?

By: Ron Lagerquist

“Our homes should be a quiet place we come to after a hard day's work where we can recharge spiritually and find intimacy with God.”

In spite of massive sociological changes, man’s spiritual need has not changed, the call for solitude and healing is just as strong today as it has been for thousands of years and the need is greater now than ever. Our modern society leaves little room for undistracted solitude, besides we have become so addicted to distraction that being able to still the mind is a lost discipline. 

Never equate stillness with inactivity. During stillness some of the most important things happen. Not only is eight hours of sleep necessary for health, there must also be times of awaking meditation and mental stillness. These are the times when you get in touch with who you are and what you are becoming. We do this by entering into fellowship with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit houses our true identity, and when we become disconnected to Him, we become disconnected to our true self. This is an unhealthy and defenseless place to be. Think of personal identity as your spiritual immune system, warding off destructive outside influences. Loss of Identity will inevitably lead to melding into the sociological herd and serious compromise of individuality.

 Our homes should be a quiet place we come to after a hard day's work where we can recharge spiritually and find intimacy with God. A haven away from the pervasive society we are forced to live in. But this is rarely so. Home represents a whole collection of distractions, the flicker and drone of TV, computer and radio, shelves stuffed with junk food, and too often the turmoil of dysfunctional relationships. The familiarity of our four walls reinforces stale patterns of living that we long to be free of. It is no surprise that Freedomyou has received many e-mails asking for a safe place to temporally remove them from a home environment that is fraught with temptation and failure, not to mention the sight and smell of food. And many of you are willing to pay. 

Over the last 14 years, Freedomyou has opened its doors to fasting retreats with some good results. People came and fasted while being saturated in spiritual teaching and teaching on health and nutrition. They soaked, cried, detoxified, shared and shined. One little problem, they had to go home. They would go home and binge, cry and crash, questioning whether their freedom was more about location than inner strength. It quickly became apparent that the test of real success is the exercise of self-determination in the middle of your own world, not a temporary reprieve away from the push and shove. In other words, bloom where you’re planted. That's real power. Holy Spirit Power. And after all, it's what you really long for. 

So we are going to offer you a doable alternative that may not feel as good as retreating away, but will be more effective in overcoming the stuff you deal with every day. A fasting retreat in your own home, one you can visit anytime you need to heal and spend intimate time with God. A place that will have a spiritual impact on your whole family. I can tell you, no demonic force will like you fasting in your own home. You will be effectively making your home an inhospitable place for spiritual principalities that have set up camp in your marriage, kitchen, kids, TV, computer, etc. 

The following are all the practical tools you are going to need to build your own fasting retreat. So let’s get started.

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Excellent article with excellent points - I have had a few in-home, private retreats lately that have included fasting, and it has been awesome! We must learn to discipline ourselves to bloom where we're planted, as you pointed out. Thanks!
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