Breaking Porn Addiction – Action 4 - Clean House

By: Ron Lagerquist

I hear my Christian friends, some pastors, discuss their struggle with Friday night surfing, little porn snacks to take to bed. I have been there. Saturday dawns with fresh light and dark guilt.

 A resource that is a vital part of our home protection when choosing movies is the website We have found that beyond G rated moves the rating system is a poor measure of a movie’s sexuality. PG movies can often contain greater sexual content than PG-13. Kids In Mind is a detailed breakdown of a movie’s content allowing better choices. It only takes a few minutes and is well worth the effort. Don’t wait for your wife to take leadership on this. Men, step to the plate as spiritual protector of your home and be thoughtful with the movies you rent. The standards you have set for your home needs to be the standards you set for yourself when no one is looking. I say this humbly for I have failed miserably here.

Bodybuilding and fashion magazines, cable TV, movies, music, video games, romance novels, make the uncompromising choice and get them out of your home. This may sound like legalism but it is not. It is protecting your home. Flee from sexual immorality because it will kill your marriage, destroy self-respect and alienate you from the Spirit of grace. This is war, and tough measures must be taken in times of war. 

Some of you men have been praying for years to be free of pornography addiction, pleading with God to remove it from your life, yet unwilling to do the hard work necessary to succeed. You know as well as I do that your prayers no longer have power. You can feel the uselessness of them. Why not surprise your wife and God by making a quality decision that has War Cry, written all over it?

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