Most Nutritious Carbohydrate

By: Ron Lagerquist

“Fruit is nonaddictive, full of enzymes for easy digestion, almost fat free, slow releasing in energy, cleansing and detoxifying, rich in micronutrients, and filled with soluble and insoluble fiber.”

Most Nutritious Carbohydrate Is FruitAccording to a recent State of the Industry Report, today’s baby boomers are looking for healthier foods with the same convenience as fast foods. This is reflected in the decline in sales of canned meat, coffee, white sugar and powdered breakfast fruit drinks by around 9 percent, while soy drinks, rice cakes, and nutritional supplements have increased by 50 percent. Over the next few years we are going to see the food industry respond to this trend with new and improved foods that may or may not offer healthy alternatives to what has traditionally been the unhealthy junk food racket. Well, you have heard it first here—I have the perfect solution for convenience without compromising nutrition. And it just happens to be our number one carbohydrate pick—fresh fruit. It provides fast energy, needs no cooking or preparing, and in my opinion, is the finest food this planet produces. Wow food!

Being in the health and nutrition field, I often find myself in the company of vegan-vegetarians, a wonderful, sensitive breed of people. I have been surprised to find many of them sickly, pale and suffering from ill health. Should they not be brimming with vitality? In talking to them, I discovered that many had simply replaced a high-meat intake with starch-heavy, cooked foods. In my opinion, it would be better for them to go back to eating meat rather than their mucus-forming, high-starch diet. Grain does have an important place in a healthy diet; however, first on the list should be raw, enzyme-filled, easily digestible fruits. Fruit is a better source of fuel than bread because of its ability to sustain energy without overtaxing the pancreas for insulin production. Fructose does not need insulin to break down as it is slowly absorbed through the lower intestinal wall.

The problem is, fruits are hard to market for a variety of reasons and therefore may not get the same attention as the new healthy/convenient cuisine. I could make a lot more money marketing a Freedomyou Thrill Pill than instructing you to eat more fruit. Although fruit comes in a variety of bright colors and sensual shapes, and is convenient and tasty, there is no manufacturing involved, hence no profit, and consequently no justification to stockholders for spending millions of dollars for advertising an apple. Let’s face it, unlike Coke and potato chips, apples are non-addictive. They could tattoo Michael Jordan’s face on the soft cheek of a genetically altered banana—but you know that’s not going to happen.

Have you ever had a perfectly ripe mango? The extraordinary experience of biting into such rare flesh may be lost on fast-food-addicted taste buds, nonetheless, one cannot be completely oblivious to the mango’s beguiling and subtle allure. As a healthy diet reawakens taste buds laid waste by the mono-taste of McDonalds, an Eden ancestry will stir within, an almost spiritual awakening to this living food.

Fruit is nonaddictive, full of enzymes for easy digestion, almost fat free, slow releasing in energy, fantastic for cleansing and detoxifying, rich in micronutrients, and filled with soluble and insoluble fiber to maintain a squeaky clean colon—and let us not forget, it comes in a multitude of colors, shapes and tastes. It just doesn’t get any better than this. What a gift to our body—a gift to every cell.

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