Improved Rheumatoid Arthritis Through 30 Days of Fasting

Fasting Testimony By Heather Lester

"During the fast, I did not feel the need for any pain medication; I was able to manage without. The swelling in my fingers and knees disappeared and edema in my lower legs was gone!"

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for well over 17 years and have taken a multitude of prescribed drugs. Nothing has stabilized or slowed down the progression of the disease. One doctor called it an aggressive form of Rheumatoid Arthritis and stubborn in responding to the medications. All my joints are affected and there is considerable damage. My knees being the worst affected, they have developed osteo-arthritis.

After previous failed attempts to finish an extended fast, I recently completed my first 30 day juice fast. During the fast, a lot of healing had taken place. Fatigue is a major issue with auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, but during the fast my energy levels actually increased while overall joint pain significantly decreased. In fact I did not feel the need for any pain medication and was able to manage without. The swelling in my fingers and knees disappeared and edema in my lower legs was gone!

I now have more flexibility in my fingers and ankles. I had almost complete fusion in my wrists, but have noticed some loosening up. Mobility has improved in my knees and lower back, and I can bend over with more ease. I can stand for longer periods of time than before and have been able to exercise with less suffering afterwards. Joints are extra stiff upon arising in the morning and it would take around 30 minutes or so before getting loosened up. That has been reduced in half. This is huge!

I shared about the fast with my doctor and she did not respond in a positive way, actually rolling her eyes. I am convinced that rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled or possibly cured by fasting. I am so confident that I am not resuming the medication I was on or beginning the new one suggested by my doctor.

There were many other benefits of this fast. My hair is lovely and shiny, skin a lot clearer and I lost 20lbs. My sleep is sound; I am quieter and more peaceful and less agitated and anxious. This is a result of reduced pain.

The greatest benefit of this fast was experiencing firsthand the faithfulness of Christ, and how my obedience to Him and leaning on His strength brought healing. I cannot praise the Lord enough and I thank Him for leading me to Freedomyou and the joy of fasting. Freedomyou was the best place I found that offered practical and spiritual information on fasting. 

I will go on another extended fast in a couple of months; this will rid my body of more toxins and accumulated joint debris. My aim is to fast on a regular basis and make it part of my Christian life. I am currently eating 75% raw food and learning how to eat in a disciplined way. By doing this I believe my health can only continue to improve. All glory be to God. 

Ron Lagerquist

Unless you have experienced the crippling pain of rheumatoid arthritis it would be hard to understand what it must have felt like for Heather to feel such relief. The skepticism of the medical community toward naturalistic remedies like fasting is unfortunate. But I can say that this bios is beginning to change as science discovers the complexity of both the human body and natural medicines. Thanks Heather for sharing.

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Have started fasting as a means of improving crippling pain and inflammation of psoriatic arthritis unrelieved by treatment at some point, and results are dramatic - am walking again, with hardly any pain and inflammation perceived, have lost significant amount of weight and feel will continue as a way to treat my pathologies.
I have had autoimmune disease for many years, but the last 5 or more I've had a Rheumatoid factor. I am on Orencia which is working but I still have some pain. I've tried fasting and with great success. Food causes inflammation especially what we are eating today. Dairy, wheat, meat - it is all making us sick. Have you watched TV lately? Every other commercial is for some different autoimmune disease whether it be psoriatic arthritis, Crohn's and irritable bowel, or RA or diabetes, its all from the food. Fast for a month and then change your diet to organic. They say that people with autoimmune disease die 10 years younger than people without it. It takes 30 days for your cells to regrow in your gut stopping the poisons from the fake food to leak into your blood stream causing the symptoms. There were not a lot of people with RA before plastic and fine flour and additives pre 1950.
Thanks for sharing this - especially about how your relationship with Jesus was improved! I have a friend struggling with RA and I will recommend your page to her!
Michelle Tebbe
I am so happy to find this. I am recently diagnosed with RA and I am committed to NOT taking the drugs my doctor is recommending - the usual protocol, I might add, which doesn't inspire my confidence. I don't think I would live through their protocol, frankly. I just wonder about a fast: does nutrition suffer to the point of becoming a huge issue long term?
I am a physician and have RA. Although my disease control has a great positive turn with Enbrel, I am still a strong believer in fasting. Yes, indeed fasting does work to alleviate symptoms and control disease (but I am not sure about cure though). Best for all.
I have had RA for 2 years now, mostly my hands are agony and my fingers often useless, and it's spreading now round my body. I have tried to add/eliminate various foods to help but to no avail so far. Now I am due to be a bridesmaid in 2 weeks...unbeknown to the bride I had gained 11lbs since we bought the dresses and it didnt fit me anymore! I panicked and did what any reasonable bridesmaid to be would do.....went on a crash diet (or fast as you may call it) I ate barely anything and drank herbal teas to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Within 3 days my hands felt almost normal again, very little stiffness or pain when waking, and I could do things again like squeeze out toothpaste without wincing. After 10 days I caved and gorged on a fried chicken dinner. Next morning I woke up with the RA back. That was the first time I made the connection. (Like anyone with RA i'm sure, I am constantly analyzing my life to see what i've done/not done lately etc in relation to good day/bad day with the RA) So at the mo I'm back on the fast. But I don't know what to do going forward...can't starve forever!
My ESR (inflamation factor/pain) 3 days ago was 66 (6 is high) went on a 3 day water fast. I'm in day 3. Pain is almost game. I can now bend my right elbo completely without pain. My fingers still have some stiffness but they are 90% better. My shoulders are &0-90% improved. Google dr terry Wahls to see what diet gas done for her MS. The common thread is auto immune diseases lupus, ms, RA, and a host of other chronic and or rare diseases. Google leaky gut. I assure you the answer is diet. Go paleo and cease all sugar, dairy, grains in any form, Alcohol. Llit fruit. For me I have had to eliminate all sugars (fruit). Once you be your gut straight you can add back slowly moderately carefully. I tell you the medical industry has no interest in healing you. They want to sell you meds. See the free movie online: Burzynski, about an on Olivier who found a cure for some cancers and see what the cancer industry did to him (and to you who have cancer). RA pain can be reduced, and personally I'm going for a cure. Diet is your answer. (I also use supplements alpha lipoic acid, NAC, omega 3 fatty acid, Glutamine, Glutathione, curcumin, Bco pled, biotin, a d a few others. Heal your gut. Get rid of RA. Just don't expect to hear it from an MD.
Paul Gibson
This just confirms what I think about conventional medicine. It's worse than useless. It makes things worse and the arrogance of the doctors etc is sickening. This is all because medicine is tied into big pharma. I think water fasting or juice fasting is incredibly powerful. Why don't they do controlled trials of it? They're scared it might actually work and their drugs will be criticised and their egos knocked.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I really believe the body has the ability to heal itself. I have RA and I am looking into fasting as well. I will share with you my results after I am done. I super excited to start and can't wait to be Pain Free!!
Thank you for your article. I've had some experience with fasting in the past and am now on second week of a water fast. I was beginning to get joint pain and there is a bump at the base of my thumb. All joint pain has been gone for a few days now. A disabling sciatica pain has been reduced to a twinge. Thank you, Lord, for the self-healing of the body. Please help me to eat healthy foods in moderation when I conclude this fast. I trust in Him.
I am trying juicing nearly everyday. I have RA too. My blood work has improved immensely with this and other dietary changes. I will go visit the suggested web page. Glad I came across this on a simple search. Nice to see that Christ is involved in your life! Mine too!
Please read everything below. seriously study the leaps and bounds modern medicine has made in slowing the progression of joint deformity through all the nasty medicines we take. Is it a cure... NO. there is no cure. Supplement the meds (proven to slow the progression) with whatever makes you feel better but use common sense! don't preach proven conventional therapy has no merits- tell your story and encourage others to augment current therapies that may offer additional relief. People, pls. be wary of the magical answer... it doesn't exist! I've had RA (an aggressive form) for 13 years and my daily life is greatly affected. I try everything out there and if it helps i continue but DO NOT stop your meds! they prevent progression you can't see, i promise. I am a nurse and my husband an immunologist.
Thank you for sharing your experience - I also like many others have RA for 14 long painful yrs. Sadly it got so bad I had to start the DMARD's very reluctantly - almost you name I have tried it or imported it. I also believe the healthier eating & juicing can make a big difference & am now back on this path. Minimize or cut out sugar, try to be gluten free & dairy & utilise a non centrifugal juicer to gain maximum nutrition from your veggies. Green green is the way to go. I take advice from Food Matters . I hope with enough discipline that in a few months I can report back on improvements as I am riddled with this horrible disease from head to toe. It should be called the drag disease as it is. Well done Heather on your success
Carolyn - Australai
I am glad you feel better, I am struggling with pain from RAI am fasting with fruits and veggies.
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