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Renewed Relationship with God

Christian FastingMaybe you are considering fasting, or are presently fasting and experiencing a challenging period of detoxification. Either way, there can be nothing more encouraging then to read the miraculous testimonies of real people just like you who have had personal encounters with God during their fast.   Here are two honest Christian fasting testimonies of lives touched and healed by the power of God. 

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Christian Fasting
Juice fasting to Draw Closer to God

Keith Boswell

“I lost 5 lb. during the fast . . . but the best part of it though, is that my relationship with God deepened.”

I'm a missionary in the Middle East and all my adult life, I've tried to fast.  I would water fast, usually for a day, but once for five days.  Honestly, I found the experience too painful to get anything out of it.  Two years ago, a missionary colleague of mine had a deeply fulfilling 10 day fasting experience.  I longed for that kind of communion with God.  I discovered the Freedomyou site and decided to do a juice fast.  But first I asked God for confirmation that I should do this, and He gave that to me.  

I went into the fast with only one purpose, to draw closer to God.  Though juice fasting isn't as painful, I did experience hunger which drove me to rely on God.  He rewarded me in ways I didn't expect.  One of the strangest things that happened is that I quit biting my fingernails.  I had this habit since I was 10 years old and tried to quit many times. Something else that happened is that I lost my desire for unhealthy food.  It's like the fast broke my addiction to sweets and processed foods.  I came out of it craving a bowl of fruit, in fact after the fast, I became a vegetarian!  

The last benefit is that I lost weight.  I wasn't heavy, but as I got older (I'm now 46), I had gained some extra weight.  I lost 5 lb. during the fast and then continued to lose weight after it since my stomach felt smaller, so I didn't want to eat as much. I also ate better foods.  The best part of it though, is that my relationship with God deepened and since that fast, I have had a better relationship with Him.  That fast was a turning point in my spiritual life.  I'm writing this now because I'm on day 6 of a juice fast.  This time has been like the first.  I tried it two other times, but did it with the wrong motivation.  It makes all the difference to get spiritually and mentally prepared before you start a fast.  

Christian Fasting
Changed On The Inside


“Four days after the crisis, I awoke bursting with mental and physical energy. I felt alert, clean, and thin.”

I was open to fasting because I was at my wit’s end with a sinus problem as well as a candida infection. I had a rash on my face with redness and burning. My first fast was three days and I felt better, but afterward lost control and ate everything in sight. The good feeling received from fasting disappeared and the mucus effect returned in full force.

A week later I started to fast with greater determination, fasting five days and eating sensibly for seven. On the fourth set of five-day fasts something happened. I had an intense pain in my head with hot and cold flashes and fluid in my ears. Mucus was draining from my sinuses. My tongue was white and my skin pale. My reactions slowed and I felt drugged. Luckily, this only lasted for a day, as the feeling subsided on the second day.

Four days after the crisis, I awoke bursting with mental and physical energy. I felt alert, clean, and thin. I could breathe clearly through my nose. My facial rash had cleared. At this stage of the fasting, some of my friends became concerned because of how thin I looked, but to me I felt healthy. Besides, fasting had cleared up my agonizing symptoms.

Stupidly, I ate some flour products and sinuses clogged within a day; a frightening reminder of how these foods affected me. I had never seen the effect so clearly. Fasting had given me a clear indication of what I shouldn't eat.

A week later I was at a party with my friends and watched their life style; all surface, void of meaning, gossipy, and pettiness. I thought, what am I doing with my life? I'm not happy. I was crying, felt angry, hurt and scared. It was all wrong. I thought it was okay just being the same as them, but now I understood that it was toxic to who I really am.

Something is pulling me; I can't stop it. I am being pulled whether I like it or not. My body has been transformed on the inside through fasting. I want pure things and am no longer satisfied with what my life once was.

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Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy
I fasted on juice , I was walking , meditating and doing a light yoga work After 14 days on a juice fast I felt so clears, so well and it was amazing. My husband did a fast with me and it is so wonderful by the third day you have detached from food, and when you pray you feel so much closer to God, and you mind is clear. It is an experience that is hard to describe in words , it is truly profound experience. I want to a 40 days fast I'm pretty thin but I think other thin people have done it . Before starting this process we had a ND do our blood work and just advise us
This was really encouraging! We are different from the world. We desire pure things. We desire the purity of Christ! God is good!! And His mercy endures forever!!
pretty amazing and encouraging. everyone goes the way of the hungry dog once in awhile but in your case, it was a teaching experience. maybe you should be a teacher! my experience is for mental experiences not medical so much. its unfortunate because medical healing is a greater comfort than being lost in something where people are in severe psychological crises, without much basic goodness. thanks again to you and hope you write more!
Very encouraging and true.
This has certainly encoraged me a little. Going to water fast tomorrow ! Jesus bless you all
I have heard a lot about fasting, these stories are a little different. Yes it is true that fasting shouldn't be about losing weight. But God did do something in your lives so you should thank Him. Thank you for your stories and may God Bless you everyday!!! :)
Fasting in headers should not be in bold about lost weight! This testimony is under Spiritual fasting, header should not be about weight.
Keith said that he lost 5 lbs and got closer to God but didn't mention how long the fast was.
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