Is The Human Digestive System Designed For Meat?

By: Ron Lagerquist

“Antithetical to that of the cat, our digestive tract is long, the same as in those creatures who digest plant foods.”

To answer the question of how beneficial it is to eat large amounts of meat, we must look at the human body. Cats, being true carnivores, secrete ten times more hydrochloric acid than humans do. Their digestive tracts are short and smooth for the rapid expulsion of fibreless flesh. They can easily eliminate copious amounts of cholesterol and possess sharp teeth for ripping flesh, all of which humans do not have. Antithetical to that of the cat, our digestive tract is long, the same as in those creatures who digest plant foods. This is why it is important to also eat high-fiber foods like a raw salad or steamed vegetables when eating meat.

The two types of digestive juices the stomach produces to break down food are alkaloid and acidic. Carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, breads and grains use an alkaloid for digestion, but strong hydrochloric acid is needed to digest meat. To neutralize these digestive acids, the body utilizes its internal resource of calcium. Osteoporosis is the result, not of a lack of milk intake, but of a negative calcium balance caused by the body using its internal store of calcium to neutralize an acid-producing diet. We are going to deal with the milk later.

The Bantu women of Africa live on a sparse diet of vegetable sources, free of dairy foods. Their average intake of calcium is 250 to 400 mg a day. This is far lower than the 800 mg. recommended by the RDA. They give birth to as many as ten babies during their life, each child breast-fed for ten months. Although childbearing causes an intense calcium drain, osteoporosis is unknown to these people. When Bantu women migrate to the city and adopt a protein-rich diet, osteoporosis and other diseases become a threat to their health.

In 1984, the Medical Tribune reported studies by Michigan State and other universities regarding bone densities. It was the most extensive study yet undertaken. They discovered that in the United States, at age 65, male vegetarians averaged a three percent bone loss compared to male meat-eaters, who averaged a seven percent bone loss. The study among women was even more revealing. Female vegetarians averaged an 18 percent bone loss compared to female meat-eaters, who averaged a 35 percent bone loss. The conclusion was that vegetarians had significantly stronger bones. The Inuit people, who live on a very high-protein diet, have the greatest calcium intake of any population and have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis. Clearly the rampant problem with osteoporosis is a byproduct of a nation addicted to meat.

A human’s digestive system is not genetically designed for a high meat diet. This should not surprise a biblical creationist; after all, man’s intended diet was laid out in Genesis 1: 29-30 and frankly, it reads like a proverbial Vegan For Life diet plan. We have cleared the moral question of meat eating in the article: What Does The Bible Say About Eating Meat? God has made all things clean. But the words of Paul apply so well here, “Everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial.” (1 Cor. 6:12)

Clearly, a diet high in meat is not a good fit to the human body. Am I advocating that we all become vegan vegetarians? No. But some will make that decision, not from guilt or duty, but simply because they find that when they completely eliminate animal foods, they feel healthier and more energetic. Others will reduce their intake and only eat naturally raised meat and fish, finding perceptible health dividends.

You may be surprised to discover that I do eat animal products in moderation. I have fish a few times a week, but always with a large salad. Every so often I will have organic eggs for breakfast, and when eating out I may have some seafood; on rare occasions I may even have a steak. Animal products are a small part of my diet; my grocery cart is predominantly populated with fresh fruit and vegetables.

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A very helpful article. Backs up so much I have been reading. Meat is causing so many issues.
Timothy Peden
I don't care what anyone says, vegan is the way to go. Meat is not good for you, it has a lot of cholesterol that HUMANS DO NOT NEED. Our body's produce its natural cholesterol and you do not need to intake anymore. This is one of the main causes of heart disease, because of all the unnecessary cholesterol that people intake. It just reaches a limit where your heart and arteries can't take it anymore. So no, we are not suppose to eat any kind of meat. PLANT-BASED ALL THE WAY
Jennifer Gonzalez
Great article
Our digestive tract is long like herbivores.... erm no it isn't it's significantly shorter, we also only have one stomach, don't require eating stone's or faeces to break down the plant fibres nor do we need to eat for 18 hours of the day in order to gain energy to well just eat and reproduce. Essentially the reason that you were actually able to comprehend why we can or can't eat meat is through millions of years worth of eating meat. Yes we can survive by not eating meat, but survival is very much different to thriving. Why is it that nations that have eaten meat via farming are more developed than other nations where meat consumption is lower? Why are their populace more physically capable (like in the olympics)? Why does their populace create more leading scientists and intelligent academics? Also I'd like you to look into whether the "meat eating" illnesses are actually now linked to higher sugar and carbohydrate intake, which vegan and vegetarianism does not eliminate, in fact it actually promotes diabetes due to the triggering of draught/starvation genes due to improper nutrition. Also if you are going to write obsurd "facts" to inspire people would you at least support the idea that these "facts" are indeed opinion based on biased fact choosing rather than actual cross referenced tested facts please as you may damage other people's health by convincing them of untruths.
Short and to the point. There are many differences between humans and true omnivores (such as a bear or raccoon) that go beyond just stomach acid and intestinal tract length. Getting into all the differences would have lead to a much longer article though.
Dr. D
The use of the word designed in regard to the human digestive system shows how great the authors lack of understanding is, a work of a miss informed amateur
Alan Orr
Cats are carnivores yet we give them dry cat food which is grains and iscovered in oil.
Very interesting,I totally agree. Cut out meat for a week and already feel more energetic.
louise b
You clearly did not do your research.
good article regarding digestiv system and meat .
Is this why my daughter and I are lactose intolerant and why if we eat beef or pork we get bloated gassy and sick to the point of having to go to hospital? We can only eat chicken or fish and no milk or dairy. doctors have not been able to explain maybe you can???
This article gives the basic ideal without going into much detail but it's true. I'm 100% vegan.....(meaning NO animal products) and I don't suffer from any of the so-called lack of meat disorders floating around on the internet. I actually don't suffer from anything. I don't get sick with the flu, common cold, or even allergies. My cholesterol levels are way down into double digits, my blood pressure is textbook, and my energy is that of a child. I'm not going to go into deep details but the human body CAN TOTALLY survive on plants alone and to think that meat is the only form of protein the body can use is ignorant at best. Oh did I mention that I workout and have the body of a greek god.......I don't consume animal fats so I can perfectly see all of my hard work from years of lifting weights. Eat what you is all about choices. But don't down us non-meat eaters........because frankly I'm sure in the end my lifestyle will keep me around far longer than that of any meat eater.
SSG Dukes
It's a good reason for vegetarianism.
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