Fasting: Day 1 – From One World To Another

By: Ron Lagerquist

Physical Side

One glass of grape juice; one glass of orange juice; two glasses of veggie juice with broccoli added.  Welsh’s grape juice is a great energy-boosting juice. It’s almost as high in antioxidants as red wine and the natural sugars supplies extra energy during those busier days. 
I drank very little today, wanting to hasten into the fasting state. Considering the small amount of juice I drank, a surprisingly easy first day. Lots of energy, even into the evening. As I crawled into bed I could tell my body was dropping into the fasting mode. It was a familiar feeling, like a wise old friend who I have not seen for awhile, opening his arms to greet me. 

Spiritual Side

Little time to pray or read. It was not until bedtime did I start to feel some spiritual focus, which only contrasted how unfocused my life has become. Over the last three months all of my spare time has been taken up exploring different website options. The more I studied the technical aspects of the variety of CMS programs, the greater the frustration and confusion. Laying aside the manuals, web quotes and YouTube How To videos and instead seek answers from God, is a total switching of gears. My mind is racing with information and half-answered questions. It will take some time for me to find enough stillness to get in touch with that spiritual part of me that is connected with the Holy Spirit. As I lay in bed I can feel the very beginnings of that stillness. I’m thinking that instead of months of manuals, I should have started here.  

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