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Lost 20 Pounds Plus Better Health 

Fasting Testimony By Kim L

"A highlight was a trip to the doctor. Upon examining my blood pressure, the doctor took a second look at the readings and said, ‘I don't know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up.’ "

I found it difficult, if not impossible, to control my eating as I kept falling into the old bad habits. I had tried but it always felt like I was forcing myself. I started reading a book called Fasting To Freedom, some nutritional points I already knew, but there was things I didn't know that really shocked me into action. I bought a juicer, made fresh juice, and started eating less. I even stopped drinking my five or six coffees a day. To my surprise, it was easier than I thought.

The first thing I noticed was the effect of the caffeine withdrawal. For the first two weeks I was lethargic, wanting to sleep constantly. The second thing I noticed was the weight loss. I was losing half a pound per day. As time went on, I felt better. There were times when I felt incredible surges of energy. Occasionally I felt bad and thought "this can't be doing any good." Luckily, I persevered to reap the benefits.

A highlight was a trip to the doctor. Upon examining my blood pressure, the doctor took a second look at the readings and said," I don't know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up."

I am no longer tired by climbing one flight of stairs. Instead, I bounce up them two at a time. In fact I can exercise for 50 minutes on the stair climber. In losing 20 lbs. of excess weight, I now weigh the same as when I was in high school. I have permanently given up drinking coffee. (My wife says I am easier to live with.) I try to make fresh juice daily, and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I don't live the diet perfectly. Once, I had the tremendous urge to eat a pizza. Rather than fighting with myself, I allowed myself to enjoy it without guilt. Surprisingly, I was satisfied with only two pieces. Normally I would have eaten six or more slices.



Pounds of Weight Loss and Renewed Self Esteem

Fasting Testimony By Debbie

"The difference was remarkable. The headaches and the swelling disappeared."

I had been struggling for quite a while with my weight. I had tried unsuccessfully to lose the weight gained from my two pregnancies. Due to extra weight and stress, other problems started to develop. I have severe water retention and my hands and feet became swollen. Also six out of seven days there were headaches.

After various trips to the clinic and one prescription after another, I finally asked the Lord for help, as I had run out of hope of ever feeling better again. He answered my prayer when this wonderful information of juice fasting came into my life. After reading some of Fasting To Freedom, I figured I had nothing to lose, except body fat.

My first fast of eight days resulted in a ten-pound loss and a renewed feeling of self-esteem. A few weeks later I tackled a 14-day juice fast followed by three days on water. The difference was remarkable. The headaches and swelling disappeared. To date, I have lost over 30 lbs, and have a new look and outlook on life. Not only did the fast help me with my physical self, but my spiritual life will never be the same. I have come to feel a closeness once again to the Lord that I haven't felt for years.

The most recent fast I completed was 30 days; that is something I thought I could never do. I can now say fasting will always be part of my life. The progress I get from fasting can never be replaced by anything on a shelf in any store. I recommend to everyone to fast even for a few days. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


25 Pounds Weight Loss With Bonus Benefits

Fasting Testimony By Les

"By the time the fast was over, I had lost about 25 lbs., and had never felt better in my life."

I have always enjoyed being relatively healthy, but I came to realize just how much I was missing after completing a 22-day juice and water fast. Although I am still very young (21), I had several minor problems that had nagged me for a few years. What I didn't realize was that my problems were diet-related. I suffered from headaches at least twice a week. Aspirin didn't help very much nor did several visits to the chiropractor. For the last five or six years, my memory was that of a 50-year-old, which I attributed to an emotional trauma I had experienced. I was 20 to 30 pounds overweight over the last two years. Something had happened to my sense of smell that reduced enjoying things like good food. My mental attitude was defeatist, so it was hard to get motivated, given that I never had much energy to begin with. Coffee and doughnuts was a staple in my diet. With the amount of food I ate, I could have fed a family of three.

At first, I found the idea of fasting intriguing, yet I was skeptical. So before doing anything, I went straight to the library. I spent weeks reading books by doctors and nutritionists. I was finally convinced and began my first long-distance fast of 22 days.

The first two days I felt terrible. I was weak and in pain. I had a terrible headache, a burning feeling in my chest, and a generally sick feeling all over. But due to my reading I was prepared for these reactions.

By the time the fast was over, I had lost about 25 lbs., and had never felt better in my life. I had so much energy! My memory was sharp. My sense of smell was restored. I remember how much of a joy just breathing became! I would walk down the street smelling flowers and smells I had long forgotten. My headaches disappeared for good. Most of all, it changed my mental attitude. I developed a love for living I never had before. I felt so young and healthy—the way I should have felt all along. The knowledge I have gained about nutrition and fasting has radically changed my life for the better!

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