Juice Machine Nightmare

By: Ron Lagerquist

Fruit and vegetable juices are designed to cleanse, detoxify and heal the human body. A combination of either fresh raw fruit or vegetable juices will supply all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein and fats critical to increased vitality.

Juicing regularly is the simplest nutritional step you can make in improving health. All nutrients in fruit and vegetables are locked within the fibers. A juicer frees these essential nutrients so that they can be absorbed directly through the stomach wall without need of digestion. Metabolic energy is then used fully to cleanse waste from cellular tissue. For those who care about vitality a well-made juice machine will become the predominate appliance on your counter.

 Fourteen years ago I went on a quest for the perfect juice machine. After many calls to health food stores, manufacturers and distributors, I finally chose what I thought would fit the bill. This state of the art beauty had a one quarter horse power motor to chew through carrots like butter. Made with brushed stainless steel, weighing in at ten pounds, it even had suction cups attaching it solidly to the counter.

Are you ready?--600 dollars, plus tax! I bought it! With great anticipation, we unpacked this extraordinary piece of machinery. The carrots were peeled and ready.

We turned it on.

It was so loud, the vacuum cleaner hid in the closet. Yelling over the machine, my friend asked me to hand him a carrot. As the carrot disappeared down the chute, a quiver like a small tremor reverberated throughout the house. The moment of truth, I screamed, Pass me a wedge of beet! With trembling hands, I dropped the beet down the chute. The need for suction cups became clear, we watched in horror as ten pounds of stainless steel vibrated violently on the counter. A distinct smell of smoke told us that something was wrong. I screamed at the top of my lungs, Turn it offTurn it off! Finally, we found the “off” switch, putting the thing out of its misery. We stared at one another in disbelief. I phoned the distributor to try to get my money back. They refused and behind a pile of pots and pans there now sits a 600 dollar juice machine, used once. A painful reminder of buyer beware.

 Over the last 15 years we have test drove just about every juicer on the market, good bad and ugly. If you are looking for a centrifugal juicer, we can recommend the Breville lineup, they make a solid product. Many reputable companies sell them online. If you are interested in what Freedomyou believes to be the finest juicers on the market, check out Our Three Top Pick Juicers

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