Fasting Broke Food Cravings!

Fasting Testimony ByTom

“While some foods may have a certain amount of nostalgic appeal, it isn't nearly as emotionally charged as it was before.”

I juice fasted for 30 days, had a few days of light soups and salads, and resumed juice fasting for another two weeks. Since fasting it seems someone has replaced the world's chocolate supply with tasteless brown wax. Okay, true confessions; in breaking my fast, I've had light soups and salads and slowly began adding a little chocolate at the very end. At first it tasted odd. It was hard to imagine ever having liked it. It doesn't seem likely that chocolate will be the staple it was for me in the past.

Maybe my stomach has shrunk, but I am satisfied with far less food than before. I find myself stopping before feeling full and knowing that it is enough. Also, I’m craving healthy foods now! For the most part, I'm really craving healthier things. The process has slowed down and I'm making conscious choices instead of reacting. And while some foods may have a certain amount of nostalgic appeal, it isn't nearly as emotionally charged as it was before. This is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. I can have a small portion of something containing caffeine, and not need to have a regular maintenance dose in order to avoid withdrawals.

When shaking coffee in the past, it always meant a 2-3 day headache followed by a few days of having the mental prowess of gelatin. I have actually been able to meet someone for coffee, have a little, and then go days or more without any caffeine and have no adverse reaction. I'm really encouraged by all of this. It doesn't mean I don't fall off the wagon and have had a negative reaction. The good news is that the reaction does pass; I can make a note of it, and move back into a healthy rhythm. Now that’s new!

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