Fasting: Day 11 – Solitude

By: Ron Lagerquist

"Fasting while alone is the real deal—trading words for thoughts, exchanging talking for prayer, visible companionship for an invisible God."

Physical Side

The juice from one large cantaloupe; two glasses of veggie juice with a large stock of broccoli added, stem and all; one glass of Welsh’s grape juice to pull me through those busy spots in this day. 

Why am I feeling so good? The contrast is remarkable. I’m beginning to wonder if I have an unknown food allergy to something in my diet. There is so much that I do differently during a juice fast that it’s hard to pin it on one factor. It is more likely a combination of many things all working together. A dramatic increase in rest and nutrients, a reduction in protein and starches, the work of detoxification and cleansing, also uncluttering my daily routine down to prayer, reading and writing. All of these are having a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. 

I would love to keep this mental clarity. There is some research done on fasting, but most of our information comes from the countless testimonies of people experiencing remarkable physical, emotional and spiritual healing during their fasts. And providing they do not go back to their unhealthy lifestyle, they will enjoy the lifelong positive effect. Funny, the only people who say fasting is unhealthy are those who have never fasted. 

Spiritual Side

It’s a long weekend, I live alone, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m disappointed at the apprehension I’m feeling over spending the next three days alone. Fasting while alone is the real deal—trading words for thoughts, exchanging talking for prayer, visible companionship for an invisible God. 

Also solitude adds another dimension to fasting, ramping up intimacy to an unnerving level. The apprehension is another sign that my relationship with God has suffered. Kind of like a couple who has been married for 20 years, but they have grown apart. Their last child has gone off to college and for the first time in years it will be just the two of them alone every night. At first there will be real apprehension over what could be some difficult conversations and equally awkward silences. 

Over the next three days there will a lot of silence. And you don’t have to read far in the bible to discover what God does with those silent places. God is the eternal Opportunist. While my friends are out having good times, it will be all about Him this long weekend. Just the two of us. 

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