Eight In-Home Fasting Retreat Tools

By: Ron Lagerquist

Eight essential tools you will need to create your very own in-home fasting retreat.

Here is all the equipment you will need to have a successful fasting retreat. They will be the same tools Freedomyou used during our retreats. All of these tools will cost far less than a single week stay at a retreat and you get to keep the tools. Here is what you are going to need.

Fasting To Freedom

This book is a faster's manual, walking you through everything you will need to know, from how to prepare for a fast to how to end it, and everything in between. We recommend reading the Steps To Freedom Series while fasting, saturating yourself with information on nutrition, physical and spiritual health.


This is so important. God is going to be revealing things to you and you need to be writing them down for two reasons. First, we retain something better through writing it down. Second, after the fast is over and you enter your busy life, it is very helpful to reread the truth discovered during the fast. The Bible is constantly talking about, "forget not." The carnal and spiritual mind is like oil and water. They do not mix. In the fasting state we are unusually receptive to the Spirit. He will take that opportunity to reveal nuggets of truth more precious than gold. Write them down! Buy a journal just for this fast, they are about $10.


A juicer is invaluable not only during the fast, but to maintain health throughout your life. Freedomyou has put together two juicer packages; all include our Four Book Special in e-book format. We have taken a lot of time and thought in the juicers we promote. Our Three Top Pick Juicers

Even if you buy our best juicer, the total cost will be about $380, hundreds of dollars less than one week at a fasting retreat. And you get to keep the juicer.


Even though our juicers produce less pulp, we still recommend straining your juice. This will help with eliminating hunger pangs. As you are staining scrape the strainer with a spoon, allowing the juice to flow through better. Cost, about $8.

Steel Thermos

This is especially useful for work. You can make the juice in the morning before work. I fill two thermoses, one with fruit juice and the other with vegetable juice. A steel thermos is a little more expensive but the juice stays fresher longer. Cost, about $25 each.

Enema Kit

You can buy these at your local drug stores. Buy the reusable ones. Cost, about $10. Here is more information: Colon Cleansing

Essential Oil

You will find good oil like flax seed oil, at your local health store. Oil containing a balance of the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is best. One tablespoon a day will suffice. Cost, about $12. Here is more information: Fats and Oils

Personal Support

You may not have a lot of support at home and for many that will be a fasting breaker. Freedomyou has a Fasting Bulletin Board filled with loving people who are fasting and encouraging one another. We highly recommend you join. Freedomyou Bulletin Board

You say, but I don't know if I can do this on my own. Well, here are some less tangible but no less important tools for your success.

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